Dental Technology At Your New Westminster Family Dentist

Your New Westminster Family Dentist Use Of Dental Technology

Your New Westminster family dentist knows that dentistry has so much to offer patients today. New advancements have streamlined treatments, enhanced results, and delivered quicker, better ways to deal with nearly every kind of dental emergency, maintenance task, restorative treatment, or cosmetic problem. In fact, one of the benefits of taking advantage of technological changes in our New Westminster dental clinic is that the results are immediately apparent at each appointment. Not only can the patient see some of these changes when they look in a mirror, but they also experience them through efficient visits that take less time from start to finish.

Digital X-rays

Your New Westminster family dentist knows that that benefits of using digital radiography for dental x-rays are clear. The images it produces have better quality, enabling your dentist to see problems that might not appear on traditional x-rays. Plus, the images can be viewed on a computer monitor, enabling patients to look at them and see exactly what is going on with their teeth and/or gums. Perhaps, the most important benefit that digital x-rays offer to patients is the fact that they use less radiation than traditional versions, keeping patients safer.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

The benefits of updating a dental clinic and using technology are clearly seen with VELscope. This innovative device is easily held in your dentist’s hand, enabling him to use it to examine your entire mouth. VELscope helps your dentist identify abnormalities in their earliest stages, enhancing the opportunity to find unhealthy tissues before they become too advanced. Even though VELscope doesn’t diagnose which type of disease is present within the oral cavity, it can find unhealthy soft-tissue diseases before they become visible in normal daylight. Your New Westminster family dentist offers VELscope screening for your convenience.

Digital Patient Files Save Time

Your New Westminster family dentist embraces technological advances such as digital patient files because they save time for our office staff as well as for our patients. Paperless technology allows us to pull up a patient’s dental charts quickly, giving our dentists and staff access to the patient’s records in real-time. Access to digital files cuts back on the number of errors that occur throughout the year, while delivering an easy way to review a patient’s health and dental history quickly.

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