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Our New Westminster dental clinic features a wide selection of procedures and treatments, providing patients with options for all of their dental concerns. Our dentists provide cosmetic, general, and sedation dentistry services, meeting the needs of our patients through the experience and knowledge of our dentists, certified dental assistants, and hygienists. Our office is stylishly attractive so whether you are coming in for a general checkup, a filling, a restoration, or a smile transformation, our dentists are here to assist you in restoring your oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry New Westminster BC

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry services can transform smiles from ordinary to extraordinary in just a matter of days or weeks, enhancing an individual’s confidence and facial appearance at the same time.

While a smile makeover typically involves at least one cosmetic procedure, more often than not, it includes a combination of treatments intended to brighten, straighten, whiten, and enhance the appearance and functionality of a patient’s teeth.
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Sedation Dentistry

An important consideration for many patients who are in need of dental procedures, sedation dentistry provides realistic options for people who have a fear of the dentist. Dental anxiety is quite common, and rather than allow it to prevent our patients from receiving the care that they need, our office offers oral sedation to assist our patients in feeling comfortable. The patient is relaxed throughout the procedure, and our dentist delivers quality care that enhances oral health.
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General Dentistry

Most people will find themselves in need of general dentistry procedures at some point in their lives. When they do, our experienced New Westminster dentists hold the skills and knowledge needed to restore their teeth and bite to better functionality.

The type of dental treatment required is directly related to the extent of the tooth decay and whether or not the procedure is successful.

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Technology and Dentistry

Not only do technological advancements in the field of dentistry streamline dental appointments, but they also deliver a safer experience for patients. While digital patient files eliminate time-consuming searches for information, digital x-rays take images of teeth using less radiation. The use of VELscope can find mouth cancer and other oral diseases much earlier than is possible with the naked eye. Our technology enhances your dentistry experience.
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